Microwave Oven Is Not Heating? How To Fix It?

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

Make sure it’s not a setting that’s causing your microwave not to heat before proceeding (timer, low power). Switch the power on and off, and then test with water again. If the microwave is still not heating, the most likely causes are door switches, the high-voltage diodes, or the magnetron in the microwave. If you’re … Read more

Water Purifier Not Turning On? How To Fix It?

Blue Star Excella 6 liter water purifier

When the water purifier is properly maintained, it can run for four to five years with no issue. After then, you may begin to confront certain common water purifier issues. Water leakage isn’t the only frequent water purifier issue that is experienced by individuals. Several other concerns can occur after several years of water filter … Read more