How To Clean Non Stick Tawa – Different Ways and Tips

You must be well aware of non-stick tawa. It is an essential kitchen tool in every house. It seems that your kitchen work is incomplete without a non-stick tawa. A non-stick tawa can make your cooking smoother and tastier in many ways. You must have seen that in every restaurant non-stick tawa’s are used. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can select the suitable one for your purpose. The non-stick tawa’s are made of various metals. The aluminum and steel are the most demanding ones.

Tips for cleaning a non-stick tawa

If you are using a non stick tawa you must have proper knowledge of cleaning and maintaining the tawa. In the next step, you will learn the best way of keeping the tawa clean. Let us try to find out the steps.

  • You must know that non-stick tawa’s have a special coating. This coating helps or allows you to cook with less oil. Even the food items will never stick on the tawa. To do this, you must thoroughly clean the tawa after being used.
  • Never pile the pans or the pots on the non-stick tawa tops. This can damage the tawa to a great extent. It may be badly damaged.
  • Try to use silicone, plastic materials for cleaning the tawa. Avoid using other materials for cleaning the tawa. These will create scratch marks on the tawa. These scratch marks will create hindrance while you are cooking on the tawa. It is in your hands to safeguard and increase the longevity of the tawa.
  • It is okay if you follow the user’ manual while cleaning the tawa. This will assist in the easy cleaning of the tawa. You can also maintain the kitchen tool in the best possible manner.
  • Never clean the non-stick tawa with a dishwasher. This may be harmful to the tawa.
  • Also, try avoiding using steel wools for cleaning the tawa. These may also damage the tawa and will obstruct you from using it easily.
  • Lukewarm water is always suitable for cleaning the tawa. You must try to maintain this process for cleaning the tawa. It is good if you use a soft sponge for cleaning the tawa. This will help in the easy maintenance of the tawa.

tawa cleaning

How to clean burnt food on tawa?

So your food may get burnt while cooking. To remove the burnt food from the tawa you need to clean it with soap water. Now leave it in the same position for some time. Then wash it with water. Now add some amount of ghee and oil on the tawa with the help of cotton or any fabric. This will make the whole cleaning process much easier and better.

 To remove the burnt foods from the tawa you can immerse it with water for about 10 minutes. Now moist it with water and again leave it for ten minutes. You can also use scotch brite to remove those foods from the tawa. You can also apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it with water.  The foods will get removed from the tawa.

You can also use baking powder and salt, and hot water and make a paste. Then apply the paste to the damaged part of the tawa. Leave this paste on the tawa for some time. Now wash the tawa with lukewarm water and soap. Now let it dry, and once it gets dried, apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the tawa.  This is another convenient way to clean the burnt foods on the tawa.

Now you can understand that there are ample ways to remove the burnt foods from the tawa. It is natural that while cooking foods it may get attached to the tawa. Sometimes it becomes so tough that it takes reasonable effort and time to clean the mess. However, if you follow the tricks or the tips, you can quickly get rid of the situation. It is now easy and pleasant to maintain a non-stick tawa. Above all, you must also try to buy tawa from reputed brands.