Mixer Grinder Motor Is Not Working? How to Fix it?

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

What do you make with your mixer grinder? Chutneys, spice mixes, blending, chopping up meat, whisking liquids; what would you use it for? Or should one inquire as to whether you employ it for all the aforementioned purposes? People purchase the finest mixer grinder because it is the first thing they use in the kitchen … Read more

Microwave Oven Is Not Heating? How To Fix It?

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

Make sure it’s not a setting that’s causing your microwave not to heat before proceeding (timer, low power). Switch the power on and off, and then test with water again. If the microwave is still not heating, the most likely causes are door switches, the high-voltage diodes, or the magnetron in the microwave. If you’re … Read more

Wet Grinder Is Not Grinding Properly? How To Fix It?

Elgi Wet Grinder

Wet grinding is a method that is used to make batters or a paste that is used in the preparation of various cuisines. When using a wet grinder, granite stones are commonly used, which are rotated inside a metal drum with assistance of a motor, and food grains are smashed between a¬†stone and the drum … Read more

OTG Oven Is Not Heating? How To Fix It?

Bajaj Majesty Oven Toaster Griller 

An oven is among the most useful equipment in any home, and it is one that must be serviced on a daily basis in order to continue to function effectively and efficiently. If it is not maintained properly or fixed, it can develop a variety of problems, one of the most serious of which being … Read more

Water Purifier Not Turning On? How To Fix It?

Blue Star Excella 6 liter water purifier

When the water purifier is properly maintained, it can run for four to five years with no issue. After then, you may begin to confront certain common water purifier issues. Water leakage isn’t the only frequent water purifier issue that is experienced by individuals. Several other concerns can occur after several years of water filter … Read more

How to Clean Wood and Plastic Chopping Boards?

Wood and Plastic Chopping Board

A chopping board is such a tool that it can keep your kitchen safe and protected from getting contaminated with foods. It is one such tool that is used in almost all kitchens. The chopping boards are made of various metals. Some people use wooden chopping boards while others uses plastic ones. It depends upon … Read more

Induction Cooktop Is Not Heating? How to Fix it?

Prestige induction cooktop (1600 Watt)

The use of an induction cooktop has a number of benefits that cannot be overlooked. It simply heats the pan itself, ensuring that no food is cooked on the edge and that small hands crawling up are much less likely to be burned when using it. Furthermore, because it cooks your food more quickly, it’s … Read more

Pressure Cooker Is Not Whistling? How To Fix It?

Pressure Cooker Whistling

Pressure cookers are cooking appliances that help produce healthful and flavorful meals. They make cooking quicker and faster and let you produce a variety of dishes, even on hectic weeknights. But like any other device, the cooker also might acquire troubles, and indeed the cooker not whistling seems to be a regular issue that many … Read more